What is TCM?

TCM is "The Confused Millennial™". I founded www.TheConfusedMillennial.com after realizing that my audience wanted more. Something bigger than I could ever give them on RachelRitlop.com...

You see, I encounter a lot of millennials who tell me they are "multi-passionate" to the point they feel overwhelmed in deciding what to do with their lives. So many of the big "coaches" out there focus on finding a niche and becoming an expert... but that's not how I built my business.

My first year in business was all over the place. I wrote a 200 page curriculum and called the company SISU Programs, (SISU means having guts, determination, and being resilient) because the word SISU really related to a quality I saw in my clients from my previous career & a quality I wanted in my future clients. I also called is "programS" because of how many programs I offered. I focused on everything! Career, business, finance, health & wellness, time management, and stress management. I pretty much took all the topics I helped people through as a therapist, spent months researching and refining them, and turned it into a coaching program to help others with this whole #adulting thing. 

At the end of year one, I realized I could not keep up with learning about all of these topics, I just didn't have the time. Instead I decided to narrow the focus to only career and business (with some time management thrown in). I rebranded in January 2016, and about a month and a half later, realized how inauthentic I felt. I was STILL the multi-passionate millennial and felt totally fake trying to act differently. Sure, I am great at career and business coaching and have helped hundreds of people (not just millennials), but I LOVE working with people on a wide variety of topics... hence the launch of #TCMillennial™

Within 6 months of launching #TCMillennial™ took over my life! I immersed myself so much in the blogging world that I amassed a following of over 30,000 each month, which continues to grow. People started seeking my help with launching and refining their own blogs. So I decided to follow the path that has been evolving right before my very eyes and ditched the career coaching for something I am way more passionate about blog coaching.

I still write about career tips and work with some awesome career coaches, so if you would like a referral for that just let me know! 

Otherwise, sit back with a cup of jo' and join the #TCMillennial™ newsletter as we figure out this whole #adulting thing together.