How This influencer is coaching other millennials to success

Thanks for joining me for this interview, Rachel. When we first began talking, I was checking out your site “The confused millennial” and watched your interview with Mr and Mrs Adventure and I thought it was so well done! What got you started with the confused millennial?


Thank you for having me and checking out the first episode of the Inspiring Millennials series! I actually started The Confused Millennial™ on a total whim and designed everything (the logo, website, copy, graphics, and even the first 4 blog posts) in 48 hours and put it live without any promotion! It was a passion / emotional project after I had an exchange with a mentor I once looked up to that really disappointed me, and the blog just became an outlet to work through it (if you go back and read original posts like “3 Ways the Public Figures You Look Up to Are Full of Crap” and “Half Truths and Passive Aggressiveness – Putting others down to elevate yourself“), it’s me directly working through the stuff that was happening in real time. From the launch, three months ago we’ve had about 20,000 unique visitors and the response has been overwhelmingly supportive.


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Rachel Ritlop