10 Steal-Worthy Resolutions from Small Business Owners

(Originally Published on AllProWebTools by Andrea Lotz)

These 10 entrepreneurs did a great job of setting actionable, measurable, goal-oriented New Year’s Resolutions for their businesses. If you’re still looking for inspiration to supercharge your business growth in 2016, steal one of these awesome resolutions!

Rachel Ritlop, Career and Business Coach to Millennials

“All of my 2016 resolutions are SMART goals. As a business owner, I believe the only way to get goals done, is to write them out as SMART goals (otherwise, who knows when I will get them done?).

My number one goal for 2016 is to launch my total re-brand of my coaching business on 1/12/16! I started my coaching and consulting business over a year ago, and was focusing on really broad life coaching (everything from relationships, careers, finances, to organizing the home).

I had a successful first year, but realized the areas I am most passionate about are career and business coaching. With this new rebrand, I have had to write out a few smaller goals I will need to hit along the way in order to reach my larger goal by my target date.

I have replaced my old site with a landing page redirecting to this date, which has added a layer of accountability, as I have put it out to the world!”

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Rachel Ritlop