Ever since I was a little girl I've been starting businesses. By the age of 11 I had started 3 businesses (not including my amazing sales experience with Girl Scout Cookies). But at the age of 10 I decided I would become a "psycholojest" as I was beginning to get very mixed messages about my entrepreneurship...

On the one hand, my mom always told me to work for myself, but on the other hand she always boasted security (company sponsored health insurance and retirement plans).

  • I was afraid I would go broke working for myself...
  • I was scared about the lack of potential stability...
  • I was scared about not having employer sponsored insurance or retirement plans...
  • I figured by working as a counselor I could fulfill both of my needs for security and entrepreneurship. 




So after my first semester at the University of Florida I found myself leaving the College of Business and on an impulse, switching my major to Psychology. 

By the time I was finishing my undergraduate studies, I had just finished my internship at a law office, and was interning as a counselor, trying to decide between law school or graduate school in counseling... when I found the letter from my 10 year old self. I decided it was the Universe giving me a sign and went to graduate school for my Master's Degree with a dual focus in Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling.

I started my master's degree feeling SO excited, this was my destiny. I was meant to be a therapist. I quickly excelled in my beginning practicum, and by my advanced practicum I already received a job offer (faster than any of my classmates), from that job offer I was actually poached before the end of the semester by another company to come and work for them for a significant pay raise. I was earning more than some of the counselors that had been with the company for a year or two, who had significantly more experience than me. 

I was over the moon with happiness! This was it - this was the dream job that I had wanted. This was the job that most people wished for, after finishing their master's degree, and here I was only halfway through my degree, already living the dream. 

But, about a month into my dream job, I started feeling completely miserable. The perfectionist in my kicked in and I became the poster child for self care (waking up an hour earlier every morning to go for a run and meditate, leaving on my lunch break to go to yoga, walking on the beach after work each night), and nothing was working.

The anxiety inside of me continued to grow, I found myself crying in the middle of the work day on more days than I can even remember. I would wake up in the middle of the night from work related nightmares. I had a knot in my stomach every morning as I dressed and went to work. I was totally miserable. 

how could this be?? This was everything I had been working towards!

This was my 10 year old self's dream come true!

I had stability; I had a 401k; I had health insurance; and I wanted to throw up everyday from dread.

I started having thoughts, that maybe I was not meant to work for anyone, maybe I needed to be my own boss... But I wasn't ready to give up the stability yet, after all, I was only 24 years old and hadn't really given this whole "adult in the workforce" thing a chance yet...

I decided to seek new employment, thinking maybe it was just the company culture that wasn't working for me.

The day I secured a new job, was the day I got fired. My soul was crushed. Even though I had a new job, I had NEVER been fired. I was the "trophy kid" growing up; perfect student, started working at 13 years old and always succeeded, and definitely never thought I would get fired. I packed up my office, and with a very bruised ego, started my new job. Within three weeks of that job, I got fired again.

That's right, I just got fired twice in under one month.

One night shortly after that, my then boyfriend (now husband)  and I were joking around about all the characteristics of my new dream job. He began writing them down:

I could still help people find their authentic self and live a life of meaning and purpose, but I could choose who I worked with, I could have flexible work hours, I could earn six figures from home, and I could watch the Ellen Degeneres show everyday. 

Finally after going through everything I wanted in a job, he asked me with all the seriousness in the world: 

"Why not? Why not make this a reality and start your own business?"

I thought to myself, "why not?" I knew I could always go back to waitressing if I needed the money while working on my business, and I knew I could not go back into another counseling center - So I made one of the most impulsive decisions of my life, and decided to throw caution to the wind and start my own business. I had no idea how I would get clients or where my next dollar would come from, but I did it. 

I worked to blend my skills from my Master's Degree in Counseling with knowledge from consulting over the years on other businesses, to create a coaching business tailored to helping turn their dream business of coaching or blogging into a reality.



Today, I help millennials

jump start and succeed in their

business as a blogger or coach


And I am the happiest I have ever been in my career and my clients get to benefit from my passion was well.